It's finally here!

Well, I've finally got this thing started. I've been reading blogs forever and thinking of starting one of my own, but just never got around to it. It's about time too, as the days here are getting shorter and colder and a new baby is well on the way! I'm looking forward to documenting this journey of mothering, homeschooling, expecting and just living!

I spent quite a bit of time researching blogs before actually starting one. My concerns were mostly regarding safety for my family. In this day and age of identity theft, I wanted to make sure I could blog in a way that would not cause any problems down the road. I tried looking into invisiblog, but was unable to access the website. I checked out Tor, but that seemed a bit beyond my capacity at the moment. Though I'm sure I can easily understand the instructions and all needed to use Tor, I just don't have the time right now to figure it out. My spare time comes mainly after the children are in bed, and that itself is limited because in my pregnant state, by the time the kids are fed, bathed, read to, prayed with and in bed, I'm ready to pass out - especially if I've also attempted something daring like cleaning the kitchen after dinner!

Part of the issue is all that I try to pack into a regular day. For example today, I hosted a playgroup with college friends and their kids - of course cleaning up the entire house beforehand. Well, that's not entirely true, I cleaned the areas I knew they'd see! I prepared snacks and cooked separate lunches for the kids and adults. Afterward I shuttled the kids across town to a music lesson, which I had to actively participate in. When we were done with the lesson I went to another friend's house to pick up new clothes for the kids - new to us at least. Then I hurried home to make dinner, clean up the kitchen, serve dinner, clean up the kitchen again - yes, my kids are still young enough to reduce a sparkling clean kitchen in just minutes to one that looks as if it hasn't been cleaned in days. Then hubby and I launched into the bedtime routine of bathing, dressing, toothburshing, reading, praying and goodnight kisses. A seemingly simple routine, but again, with little ones, easily very stressful and exhausting.

Nevertheless, I look forward to making time to regularly update this blog!


  1. Just finished looking at your blog and I must say - very nice indeed! I like the color scheme and the information about young children. I was once in your shoes, but now my husband and I are "empty-nesters". I just know how sweet those children are, I mean, they are my grandchidren after all!

  2. I just love your blog design!!! I totally agree with you on your concerns blogging. I, personally, don't use my kid's names nor do I ever show their full faces in the few pics that I include. I was also pleased to hear someone else comment on how exhausting and stressful bathtime and bedtime can be with little ones! :-)