New School Year

I've been trying something new this school year. I read a homeschooling article that suggested it is beneficial for multiple children in a family to learn all together at the same time. Last year I worked with each child separately, however I thought I'd give it a try this year. So the last few weeks I've been sitting everyone at the table, starting off with prayer and a scripture. Then I have each kid stay at the table while we do the work. Obviously they are 2 and a half years apart so they aren't working on the same level. I'll have Lil' Miss read from her reading book while the Little Guy listens. Then the he'll work on his beginning phonics while she listens. They work on math together and I just direct questions to each, appropriate to their level. And so on with the other subjects. It's been working somewhat. The baby has even been paying attention. When they do artwork, I give her paints and paper too so she can participate right along with her older siblings. I figure, back in the day when they had the one room school house there were way more than three kids, so I should be able to handle this!

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