Time to Panic

I am officially panicking right now. There are only 10 days until Christmas!!!

I have so many things that I wanted to do, but haven't been able to. We've had a rough few weeks with the Little Guy being sick first for a week, then Lil' Miss getting pink eye, and then Hubby and I sick the week after. I avoid medications during pregnancy, thus have had a much harder time with this cold than I normally would. I can't seem to get rid of a very congested cough, I'm stuffy and cannot breathe and my throat is unbelievably sore. In addition, I still have the normal pregnancy symptoms, heartburn being the worst. All of this together has not allowed me to get a good night's rest in quite a while, so I am just beat during the days. Add to this mix a very active 2 and 4 year old and you do NOT have someone who has energy to sew or bake at all!

I keep checking the US Postal Service website to make sure I have time to mail stuff. If I can at least muster up enough energy to make gifts for my out of town family, I'll be happy. If I read the website correctly, the last day to mail stuff and get it to it's destination by Christmas is December 20. This gives me 4 days (or 5 if I can sew and bake a bit on Saturday morning) to get several gifts made, wrapped and packed up. Once they're done, I can pull a few all nighters and get the local family/friends gifts done. This is a pretty tall order, so I'd appreciate any healthy thoughts and prayers you have to send my way! Thanks!!!


  1. I am right there with you! I am thankful that my cold went away FINALLY after 2 weeks, and even the meds I took didn't really help. Tea and honey work well for the sore throat. Cough drops were a big help for middle of the night "fits". I am also finding so many other things to do than the gift making I am supposed to be doing! Relax if you can, if your gifts are late it won't take away from how thoughtful and awesome you are for doing them. And some people like getting gifts after the holiday, it makes it last a little longer! Believe me, I've already given my family a heads up and they said, "gifts for New Years? How original!" :) Gotta love family support. Have a wonderful holiday! Congrats on winning the book! I like your blog!

  2. Take a deep breath. LOL I'm right with you too. In fact, I just returned to VA from NJ. I was there for 4 days for my grandfather's funeral, and I am so behind on EVERYTHING. I've only done baking for us here, and no one else. Looks like that's all that I'll be able to do this year.

  3. SO annoying! DH just got over being sick - fortunately no one else caught it. You might already know this treick, but favorite thing for a sore throat is honey-lemon tea - just honey (about a tablespoon) in the bottom of a mug, lemon juice, and then hot water. Mix and enjoy - the honey soothes your throat, lemon juice cuts any mucous (what an odd word), and the hot potion just feels sooooo good.

    Hope you're feeling better!