Busy Little Elf

I've been working away, though it seems as if everything that could happen to keep me away from my tasks has happened! My cold has lingered on, making me really exhausted by the time the kiddos go to bed (and it's hard for me to make gifts while I'm sleeping). Friday I was determined to at least get the things that needed to be mailed finished. A big storm was supposed to start Friday around noon, and I was furiously sewing and cooking away while keeping one eye on the skies (looking for snow) and one eye on the kids. Yes, your math is correct, that didn't leave enough eyes to have one on my sewing machine. As I was rushing, I sewed one of my reverse applique letters right to the collar of the t-shirt! It was a nightmare to take out because I used a really close stitch. It was also my first time doing reverse applique, so it took me quite a while to complete the project. I hope the boys like the finished product - I wanted it to have a rough, boyish look and I think I acheived that, though their parents might just think it looks messy. Oh well, messy sure was a lot of work!A bit after 12:30, Lil' Miss announced, "The snow is coming down Mommy!" It came down fast and hard and by the time I finished the shirts, there were several inches on the ground. I ended up waiting for Hubby to get home and he drove us to the post office. So I am happy that I got the t-shirts finished and six bags of chocolate covered roasted pecans made AND they all got in the mail on Friday.
I thought that Saturday I'd be able to get some more things done, but since we got 12 inches of snow on Friday, hubby spent most of the day cleaning up - which meant the kids were with me (they went out for a little bit, but are too small to really stay out very long). Sewing with the Little Guy around just does not work. However, I did go to my neighbor's house for a cake baking lesson. I already know how to bake cakes, but she makes those professional cakes that you pay tons of money for birthday parties and other events. It was great, I learned how to make the cake AND the icing and it was delicious! This is a 12 inch, 3 inch high cake and 24 hours later there is only about a fourth of it left!
Today, church was canceled because it was still snowing - it snowed straight through from Friday until Sunday evening. Though I was looking forward to going to church, not only to worship and fellowship, but I had a few bags of pecans I wanted to give to some folks, I was also happy to have the time to work on some projects. Well, we drove out in the snow to get a few things and wouldn't you know that when we returned, our CO detector was going off again?!! Hubby went down to check out the furnace and the one near the bedrooms began to go off too. We decided that it would be best for the children and I to leave the house, while Hubby tried to figure out the problem. I woke the Little Guy from his nap and bundled everyone up and went to a neighbor's. While it was nice to visit, all I could think of was my sewing! It felt like someone really didn't want me to make any gifts.

When we finally came back home to a soot covered Hubby, I let the kids decorate gingerbread cookies while I started on one project. By the end of the night, I was able to finish it and a little something to go with it. It's a tissue pouch holder and a keychain! Hopefully the next few nights will be much more productive!


  1. Hello hun, have enjoyed reading quickly through your blog. You have been busy making all your christmas cards, i have to say im going to get myself organized this year and start mine early, i found it so stressful this year. Oh you lucky things, that snow looks perfect!! unfortunately none for us here in the uk just now and not in time for christmas looking at the forecast! thank you for entering my blog candy, good luck, have a happy christmas, hugs Lindas

    ps. i homeschool my son benjamin who is 11, if you want to drop me a line would be great to hear from you.

  2. Oh I wish I could have some of that snow. It would be awesome to finally have enough for a snowman and a snowball fight. LOL
    I just found a recipe for chocolate covered peanut clusters in a crock pot. I am actually making those for my husbands employees. I hope they come out pretty good.

  3. Congratulations!! You are the winner of my giveaway:)
    Merry Christmas.

    When you get time, please send me your snail mail info so that I can get your goodies in the mail to me:)

  4. You were BUSY!!! Have you had time to take it easy and relax a bit? Oh, wait, you are a mama...we don't know what that means! :-)

  5. K - girl will you sit down and rest for minute.
    You need to rest before the baby gets here.
    You are the most craftiest person I know.
    I don't know how you and Jenn manage to do it all.