Getting Ready

Well, it's getting down to the wire. At our appointment last Thursday the midwife gave a green light for the baby to arrive. Everything is apparently ready (I won't go into a reproductive lesson describing what that means) and it's just a matter of waiting. Her instructions were to "take it easy." I thought that was hilarious, as I have a 2yr old and a 4yr old with me all day, every day! Taking it easy is NOT an option. She then told me to pay attention to any pain I may have. For some reason I don't really feel strong contractions until the very end. I actually slept through the contractions last time and woke up having to push. The Little Guy was almost born in Hubby's car on the way to the hospital. This may seem like a dream come true, but I personally would rather have a bit of time to get prepared. So, I'm doing the next best thing and trying to get everything set well in advance. The kids' suitcases are already packed and at their grandparents' house. My bag is packed as well. Hubby... well, I'm sure he'll just throw something in the car as we rush off!
When the time does come, I'll try to put up a quick post before leaving. Stay tuned!

By the way, I wanted to mention a couple of Blog Candy/Giveaways I won recently!

This is my gift from Trudy at Bits of Wool. The box was FULL of goodies, so much that I couldn't fit them all on the table for the photo. Not in the picture is a huge box of Hickory Farms tea - 96 packets! There is also a beautiful hand stiched embroidery piece and the cutest apron. She made most of the stuff herself.

From Terri at Purple and Paisley I won a wood sign that says YOU SEW GIRL, which goes perfect in my craft room. It came with a flannel pillowcase with the sweetest little elephants on it.


  1. Okay, so, how do you find these contests to enter?? I would love to try to win something and get mail that is something other than a bill!! :-)

  2. I am so glad that your package arrived. The Blessed stitchery is on its way to you as well!

    Wishing you an easy labour and safe delivery of that special bundle you are carrying:)

  3. First of all, you are a very lucky lady to win two blog candy give-aways! I rarely win one! Second, I wanted to send you happy thoughts for your delivery. I had my babies with midwives, too, and it was a great experience. May blessings flood your home and family as you prepare for the new arrival. I remember the shock of having my third, and realizing that the children then outnumbered the parents. But you'll soon find your footing. :o) Much love...

  4. Hmm... I tried to post a comment and it vanished. I'll try again. Just wanted to wish you many blessings with the upcoming delivery. I had midwives with my babies, as well, and loved the experience. It's always fun to have the third baby (when the kids outnumber the parents)- a little crazy at first, but you'll soon get your feet on the ground. Much love...

  5. Praying that all goes well with the delivery of your new bundle.