I am slowly getting my footing back from all of the holiday madness. Not madness really, but just lots of work that I suppose I created for myself. It really wouldn't be Christmas to me without all of the baking and cooking and sewing and crafting and company and visiting and giving of handmade gifts! I made a few things that I am quite proud of. I don't know how they'll look online in these photos, but I am sharing anyway!

These are tutus I made from this no sew tutu tutorial. You do have to sew just a bit, for the waist, but the rest was easy. I made one for each of my goddaughters and one for Lil' Miss. It's hard to see how cute, colorful and poofy they are from these photos.

I made a little "scrap pocket" for my mother. I saw a woman at a scrapbooking retreat using one and just fell in love with it. It was so cute and adorned with little buttons. It was also bigger than the one I made for my mother.

The top is filled with fish tank gravel encased in a ziplock bag, surrounded by batting for softness. The gravel keeps the top on the table while the pocket part hangs down off the side of the table and mom can just throw paper scraps in it while she's making cards.

I made a "cobbler cozy" for my father. He loves making peach cobblers and will often make them as gifts for people or bring them to events and gatherings. I thought it would be nice to have something to keep it warm and easy to carry. The outside is a black denim material with black and white gingham lining. You place the casserole dish in the center, the sides come up and snap shut, then you pull the other sides up and hold them together by the handles (made out of pvc pipes - didn't have wood dowels on hand).

Now that all the sewing is done, sort of (I still have a couple of little boys I'd like to make something for), I can get down to the business of nesting! We spent a lot of the holiday break working on the nursery - putting the crib together, sorting through old baby clothes, etc. I have quite a bit of washing to do, especially getting all of the cloth diapers in order. I would REALLY like to try my hand at making some cloth diaper covers with my serger, but I haven't figured out how to use it properly yet. I tried it on one of my Christmas gifts and just made a big mess. If anyone has any tips, I'd really appreciate them!


  1. I am so jealous that you got a serger! I used to have one and loved it, but I don't have it anymore. It seems like the hardest part was just learning to thread the darn thing, but once I got that figured out, it was a blast! Have fun, and I can't wait to see what you make with it. Lucky girl!

  2. first time here...i love your blog! and again, thank you so much for mentioning my giveaway! i will visiting lots in the future...☺

  3. Your projects are just wonderful and very useful. You are very talented indeed. I like sewing and used to sew a lot, but now I can't find the time. I just make cards now. (When I can find the time.:)

  4. You are amazing! Did you use patterns for the cobbler carrier? What a cute idea of the scrap scraps! Where in the world do you get the time? I would LOVE to sew more that I do now...which is rarely at all. The last time I took out my sewing machine was to put patches on my kids play sweat pants. (I was too "frugal" to buy new ones when they are just going to end up with holes in them too...). You have encouraged me to get my machines out on the agenda? PJs for KJ!! Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. hello! it my first time here. (i followed your comment link from Bethany's blog)i like your craft ideas. the cobbler cozy is such a great idea, thanks.