No Shots

Well, I was mistaken. Lil' Cherub did NOT get the shots I thought she was scheduled to receive yesterday. She is not due to get them until next month, when she gets 6 vaccines all in one day - a combo shot with 3 vaccines, a combo shot with 2 vaccines and the last vaccine administered orally.

This really threw a monkey wrench in my plans because I was all set to launch full force into our normal activities. We had plans to return to our homeschool co-op, church services, playgroups and our regular visit to the library. However, the doctor told us to hold off on these things for another month since we are still in the middle of cold and flu season. This is really hard to do because I have two other children who cannot stay in the house all day for four more weeks and also because I really dislike staying in the house myself!

Sooo... I went out anyway! This morning we went to our homeschool co-op. I figured, all of the kids would be busy with their activities, it is a large space and I'd be wearing the baby anyway. It worked out just fine. I wore her the entire time and the kids had fun catching up with their friends. While I was there talking to one of the parents about the shot situation, I found out that some of the children in the co-op have never been vaccinated at all. Now I have heard of this, but never met anyone who actually followed through with not vaccinating their children. I had so many questions, How did you find a doctor who agreed to this? Do you worry about the kids getting sick from others? When did you first take them out? What do you do to keep them healthy? I feel like the extra month I have before Lil' Cherub gets her shots gives us a chance to really research this whole vaccinate or don't vaccinate debate. What do you think? I'd love to hear your input on this topic!

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  1. Hey You! It's so fun to find out that your little one is growing, healthy, and you are all doing well. Time flies, doesn't it? It seems like just last week you announced that she had arrived, and now she's over a month old already. Goodness gracious!