Button Your Books!

Mama Jenn: Kiddos Create Challenge: BUTTONS

I've decided to join in on Mama Jenn's Kiddos Create Weekly Challenge. The idea is to have your kids make something creative out of the theme item for the week. You can also make something with your kids or for your kids. The item this week is ... buttons! After much thought, we decided to make button bookmarks.

First, we cut out rectangles from a box made of thin cardboard. Cereal boxes are the perfect thickness.

The kids then cut tiny pieces of tissue paper of all colors. They used glue to cover the cardboard strips. They then chose several buttons to glue to the top of their strips. Let them dry and voila ... button bookmarks!
The kids had a blast making them and they encourage reading! Thanks for the inspiration Mama Jenn!


  1. What a great idea!! My kids would love making these...for some reason they really LOVE using glue!!!

    By the way, you did everything perfectly in regards to linking up to the blog carnival! I am so glad you decided to joined in!

  2. Please got to ABC Toys and Crafts Design Blog and Claim your prize. Congrats.

  3. Love it!! What a fun blog you have... I think I could get comfortable here!