Holiday Craftiness

It's time for my annual fantasy post about what I'm making for the holidays! Every year I get so excited about making homemade gifts for Christmas, especially when Sew Mama Sew begins the Handmade Holidays series. I make a huge list and then start surfing the net for ideas, tutorials, patterns. It is at this point that I usually run into a problem. I see so many fabulous handmade things on the internet, I can never decide what to make! My list gets so impossibly huge that I don't even finish a fraction of the projects.

This year will be even harder. In January I joined a wonderful scrapbooking site called Scraps of Color. I have always loved scrapping and making cards, but since meeting these crafty folks, it's all I want to do! I've been a card making fool this year! When October rolled around, the time I usually begin thinking about sewing gifts, I felt strangely conflicted. My neglected sewing machine was calling me, but my stamps, punches, markers, papers, ribbons and all things scrappy had a hold on me already! What's a creative girl to do?! What I always do of course, pack it all in!

So for 2010 I am making Christmas cards for friends and family as usual. I am involved in a couple of holiday card and tag swaps with the SOC group. I am making a few paper gifts - bookmarks, note card sets, gift card sets. I am also making several handsewn gifts. For the kids there are snuggies, tic tac toe sets, doll clothes, doll changing sets (diapers, changing pads, wipes), fabric food, superhero capes, tents and mail carrier sets. For the adults there are aprons, coasters and place mats so far.

How am I getting this all done you ask? It is time to reveal my secret identity....

I AM Supermom!!!

No seriously, I've been getting together with a few friends once a week after the kids are in bed. We all bring our sewing machines and have been encouraging each other to get it done. During the rest of the week, I do the papercrafting late at night, after finishing the housework and work for my job. I'm not sure that the entire list will be accomplished, but I believe that exactly what needs to get done will get done.

How about you? Are you making anything for the holidays?

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