Time Flies When You're Having Fun

Lil' Miss has private violin lessons, group violin lessons, private Spanish lessons, dance class and Girl Scouts. The Little Guy has private piano lessons and soccer practice. Lil' Cherub has a toddler class at the library and a gym class at the Y. We also have a preschool group that meets twice a month, a bi-weekly playgroup, a weekly co-op, and a playgroup that meets every other week. And of course, there is church, including weekly Bible Study.

We have so much packed into our schedule that it is a miracle we actually get schooling in! God somehow works that out each week. Not only have we found time to get all of the 3 Rs done (and other fun subjects) but we also manage to include daily practice for their musical instruments and Spanish.

With a life this busy, the year certainly flew by! I do hope that before the year is out, hubby and I will find time to spend together. We have been on two, maybe three dates this year. Our 8 year anniversary, a wedding, and out to dinner once. And I'm almost ashamed to say, we have not had a night alone since before our first child was born! Now that the baby is weaned and independent and bossing everyone around, maybe we can leave her with the grandparents and go away for a weekend sometime soon. Or better yet, stay in for a weekend!

Hope everyone is finding time to cherish the ones they love this holiday season!

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